References API


Experimental Feature

The References API is currently an experimental feature. Therefore, the API and this documentation is subject to change. If you have any questions, please email Engrain Support.


In order to integrate their products and services, PropTech companies must often match property and unit data to a customer’s existing data provider. These data providers are commonly property management systems (PMS) because customers tend to leverage their PMS as a source of truth.

The References API aims to provide asset and unit ID mappings from Unit Map to these common data providers. Engrain refers to these mappings as references. When a reference exists for a data provider, any data matched with that data provider may then be automatically matched with Unit Map data by way of the reference. Once matched to Unit Map data, partners may then visualize their data using the Unit Map API and SDKs.

For more detail on using the Unit Map® REST API, see the REST API documentation and OpenAPI spec.

Data Providers

For each data provider, we define what the reference values represent and how the values are retrieved.

PMS Vendors
RealPage OneSite
Yardi RentCafe
Yardi Voyager


Custom Solutions
Venterra Realty

Reference Fields Summary

PMS Feeds

VendorKeyAsset ReferenceUnit Reference
RealPage OneSiterealpage-onesitePmcID-SiteIDSiteID-UnitID
Yardi RentCafeyardi-rentcafePropertyIdApartmentId
Yardi Voyager*yardi-voyagerVoyagerPropertyCodeIDType
Yardi Voyager*yardi-voyager-idvalueVoyagerPropertyCodeIDValue

*Multiple unit reference keys exist. A consumer can match on the specific provider ID available in its provider dataset.

null Values

Engrain's interactive maps and datasets represent the physical space of each property which will result in units appearing in the references API with a null value as the units exist on the physical map, but not in the property management system at the time the map and dataset were created. This is expected behavior and the null value units will either obtain a provider reference id or be removed from the dataset.


Data FeedKeyAsset ReferenceUnit Reference

Custom Solutions

Data FeedKeyAsset ReferenceUnit Reference

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